The Silverado CA is a group of dedicated volunteers who focus their energy on bringing our community amenities and events. The SCA is also a liaison between residents & political leaders, developers and the City.

Join the SCA and support your community! Your suggestions, feedback and dedication are of utmost importance. You will have an opportunity to voice your opinions and offer ideas for community events and amenities. Household memberships are only $25 and with it comes Free entrance to many community hosted events, discounts at the Marketplace, and a voice in the crowd we call home.

We are separate from the Residents Association. Our mandate is political & community event-based, not community maintenance. Our fees are not connected. The Silverado CA was incorporated in June 2010, and we need to drastically grow our membership base in order to get the amenities we want (i.e. community centre, etc…). We also need residents to volunteer for our special events- the more manpower we have, the more community fun we can create!

Email info@silveradoca.ca today!


The Silverado community is dedicated to enhancing quality of life


The Silverado Community Association supports and gives voice to our active community by providing events, amenities, and opportunities.


Inclusiveness – We strive to be inclusive to all groups and to remain politically and religiously neural

Respect – The SCA wishes to be a respected organization who in turn respects fellow board members, general members, and partners and values their contributions. We wish to be a role model for a well-run, sustainable organization and provide leadership to the community.

Sustainable – We are always working to improve and grow our organization while remaining sustainable, responsible, and by adhering to the guidelines set out in our bylaws, city, laws etc.

Service Minded – We endeavour to provide meaningful services to members through programming, activities, and by being an advocate and a collective voice. We aim to promote fun, active services in a safe environment.

Integrity – The board wishes to maintain its integrity by valuing our commitment to the community by being honest and transparent in our decisions and earning the trust of members to act on their behalf and advocate for their needs while maintaining yearly programming and tangible benefits to members.